Basic rules

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Basic rules

Post by xcutexangelx on Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:52 pm

Here are a few basic rules..
We don't have many of them,, so please follow these rules:..

* New members HAVE to introduce themselves before posting anything else..

* Most parts also have seperate rules or extra announcement..
Post in that topic if something is unclear..
We'll answer as soon we can..

* NO spam posts unless the topic itself says different..

* Post new topics in the correct section..
We have all these sections to keep it all a bit more organized and we would like to keep it that way..

This are the rules so far..
Keep looking back to see if there are any updates..

Now just 2 final things..

1. Mistakes like posting something in the wrong topic won't get you banned just like that..
The first few times it happens we will fix it for you and we'll let you know..
If it happens more often we will delete the post without a warning or notice..
Overdo it and we will ban you for a few days (depending on how often it happens),, couse then it's not a mistake anymore..

2. Not following the basic rules has consequences..
This are the consequences if you don't follow the rules at the top of this post:..[/b]

There is a week ban on every rule you break..
The weeks will turn into months if you break them at least 3 times..
The months will turn into years if you break them 5 times..
Breaking the rules more than 5 times will be punished with a complete ban..

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