New Dougie Interview in NME Magazine- type up + scan

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New Dougie Interview in NME Magazine- type up + scan

Post by xcutexangelx on Thu Oct 09, 2008 10:29 am

New Dougie Interview in NME Magazine- type up + scan

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out now

Hello Dougie, I am sure NME readers might me interested to hear how Mcfly are now 'proper indie'.
"They might but they still won't like us though. We thought we might be better off and more in control of creative stuff if we had our own label. And it's been a lot happier. We took as much time as we wanted to on the album."
So when it came to leaving your label you said, 'Thank you major record label for spending millions of pounds on us so we are now successful enough to leave your label and coin it in ourselves'.
"Well, maybe it was a slight bit like that but there's no bad blood. They've got some hot people working there! That's what we're going to do with our label, we're just going to hire a load of hot people."
There's not enough sexuall harassment in the music business. Not like the old days.
"Bring it back!"
Now you are in charge of your own label, have you designed compliment slips?
"What's a compliment slip?"
It is a slip of paper with 'compliments' written on it.
"I don't think we've done that."
This is a disaster. When you gave your album away with the Mail on Sunday were you going after Mcfly's untapped 'bigoted mortgage-owner' market?
"I can't really read, so I don't know anything about that. Everything I need to know is on Google. This is the best album we've made and we wanted everyone to hear it. We always said that if we could afford it we'd hire a helicopter and go around the country throwing the CD out to them."
Why have you not done that?
"It would probably hurt people."
If you're made redundant from Mcfly in the coming recession, what will you do?
"I'm not qualified to do **** all except sleeping and masturbating."
You could be a sperm donor.
"I could do that."
Conventional backs will struggle, but the increase in unemployment will mean there's a lot more masturbation. It could be a great time to work at a sperm bank.
"I don't think I'd want to work there, I'd just go and hang out."
Do you really have a tattoo on your foot that says 'athletes'? I cannot really believe anybody would be that stupid.
"Yes. I wasn't even drunk or anything. Me and there rest of the band were all out together and [drummer] Harry decided he was going to get 'big' on his foot then [vocalist/guitarist] Danny went 'I'll get "Good F" for 'good effort'. We did it and now I'm stuck with the bastard for the rest of my life. Good times!"
Do you think these tattoos will create the right impression when, as a music business mogul, you are attempting to impress potential clients and investors?
"As soon as people see my face they'll know I haven't got a clue what the **** I'm talking about. I tend to communicate through email because it has spell-check. I's be screwed without it."
You enjoy the company of animals. Who's the latest arrival?
"I have a dog, a chocolate Labrador. He's awesome. He spoons me in the night."
If you knew nobody would ever find out would you have sex with your dog?
"No way I've smelt his farts. (pause) Plus, of course, it's just wrong. I'm not going there. Dude. WRONG. Bad."
When your animals die, do you have an emotional funeral or do they just go in the bin?
"I've got one who's unwell at the moment. He's a bearded dragon. A lizard. I've had him since I was about nine. I'm going to have to take him to the vet and have him put down. It will be sad. I breed fiji iguanas though, and they're pretty rare."
How much do you sell them for?
"If you wanted just one, two grand."
"You don't even want to know what I paid for the breeding pair. They're one of the most expensive things I've ever bought. My car wasn't that expensive. Just as well because, er, I don't drive."

Then there is a little FYI thing...
Dougie enjoys playing Guitar Hero
Despite the fact that he is already in a band.
But then again, he does only play bass in Mcfly.

She's starin'
And the mood is right.
Music blarin' and the ladies are lookin' nice.
I'm lookin' good and you know it too.
So tell me why should I,
Fuck with you?

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