McFLY, Grown Up and Loved Up

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McFLY, Grown Up and Loved Up

Post by xcutexangelx on Thu Sep 11, 2008 10:58 am

McFLY, Grown Up and Loved Up

from the boards

New Interview in this weeks Now Magazine

They're best known for their catchy pop tunes and egions of screaming fans, but the McFly boys - Tom Fletcher, 23, Harry Judd, 22, Dougie Poynter, 20, and Danny Jones, 22 - admit that they've done a lot of growing up in the past five years.
Now, following the recent success of a 10-track giveaway album, the band are releasing new single Lies on 15 Septmber. It's one of four new tracks that appear on the deluxe edition of the album Radio:ACTIVE, out on 22 September. The 'mean girl' referred to in Lies is rumoured to be Hollywood wild child Lindsay Lohan, who Harry briefly dated a few years ago. Tom tells NOW: 'Lies is about a *** of a girl. We did have a girl in mind.'

Tell us about your futuristic new video...
Tom: The insperation was Mad Max. It's set in a very messed-up future.
Danny: We really wanted to do something completely different. We haven't been 100 per cent happy with some of our videos, but with this one, we're like: 'This is amazing!'

The song's about girls being nasty to you. You poor boys!
Danny: It's the angriest song we've ever written. It's the opposite of what we've been singing before. Then it was 'I'm never going to be good enought for her' and 'Do you love m?' stuff. Now it's like: 'You ***!'

So, which one of you had your heart broken?
Tom: Every one of us has had experiences somewhere along the line, so we've put them all together. We haven't had much bad stuff happen to us recently, though.

Are you all loved up now?
Tom: I think so, yeah! So this song is more about past stuff.

But you recently went away to Austraia for 10 weeks...
Tom: The four of us went there for a couple of weeks, then our girlfriends came out to join us.

You live in adjoining houses in North London. Do you ever pop over to borrow a cup of sugar?
Dougie: Yeah, of course, we're next-door neighbours.
Harry: I go to Danny's for milk and stuff. I was going to go this morning, because my milk had gone off.

Don't you get sick of each other, though?
Tom: We lived together for three years and we see each other most days. We're good friends. When we were in Sydney making our album, it was like being on holiday.

Do your fans still chuck bras at you on stage?
Danny: They chuck all sorts.
Tom: I got hit by a pack of sweets the other day. I got a mini black eye.

Have fans ever found out your mobile numbers?
Dougie: Every now and then we experience things like that and have to change our numbers.

Do you google yourself?
Tom: Yeah, I do. I do it every morning to see what the people are writing about us.

She's starin'
And the mood is right.
Music blarin' and the ladies are lookin' nice.
I'm lookin' good and you know it too.
So tell me why should I,
Fuck with you?

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