New McFLY Interview in Star Magazine

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New McFLY Interview in Star Magazine

Post by xcutexangelx on Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:07 am

New McFLY Interview in Star Magazine

from the boards

Tom Fletcher 23, Harry Judd and Danny Jones both 22 and 20-year-old Dougie Poynter assure Star they're all grown up. Danny says: We've got pubes and beards now... Well, wer're still trying to grow those, but we're definitly maturing. However, when Star arrives at the boys' plush london hotel suite to talk about thier new album and single, they are aruging about the toilet, Harry is disgusted that Tom has created a bit of a stink and is very concerned that we would be offended by the smell. We're not, but we are wondering about their claims of maturity...

Hi boys! We're loving your new single, Lies. so whats the worst lie you've told?

Danny: i dont tell lies... thats the biggest lie i've ever told!

Dougie : I think Tom is lying about learning to fly [Tom is currently training to get a pilots licence]

Tom: Im not lying, I really am learning to fly! Im going to be done soon

Would the rest of you get in a plane wth him

Harry: Yeah I trust him

Dougie I dont know if i do!

Tom: [Looks offended] The thing is i wouldnt mess around and do stupid things... You have to take it seriously

Danny: I will get in a plane with you, mate, but i would crap myself.

Dougie: Im not worried about your flying its the landings. You've told me some dodgy things about your landings.

Tom [gets very defensive] All student piliots do bad landings, its like when you're learning to park a car- sometimes you screw it up.

Dougie Exactly and i have this fear about the ground speeding towards me

Ok so speaking of death, is there anything that you still want to achieve before you die?

Danny: Yeah we've still got loads to achieve- we've got goals to hit as a band. We need to go out to Europe and achieve all that

Dougie Personal growth thats what i want to achieve- just in general [ The rest of the boys laugh ]

Danny: I've played football at Wembley [ as part of this years soccer aid team ]- thats an achievement. That's one goal in my life complete.

Did you all do it?

Danny: No i tried to get harry to come but he said he was too unfit.

Harry: No, i asked you a month ago to get me on the list and you didnt do it.

Danny: I told you i wasnt sorting it out, you would have to.

Harry: Lies Lies Lies -you said you would [ star feels awkward as the boys start to argue again ]

Obviously you spend a lot of time together. Do you always bicker like this?

Danny: Yeah, little things like this.

Harry: You know I'm always right, Danny! I argue with Tom and Dougie and i'll admit im wrong, but with Danny I know that i'm always right.

So who causes the most arguments in the group?

Harry: Dougie probably causes the least, but then again, maybe it's actually him that causes them ...

Tom: He doesn't get involved. He feeds the fire,though

Have you ever had a massive fight?

Tom: Yes it was years ago. Lots of bands split up because they dont get on, so i think its better if we have a little bicker and get over it and are laughing again in two minutes.

Harry: It's good to get it out of our system. Although, Danny still looks a bit angry! [Danny laughs]

Is it true that you live on the same street now?

Danny: Yeah, I want to put a zip-line from my bedroom into Tom's garden. It would be amazing.

Do you pop round to each other's houses to borrow a cup of sugar?

Tom: i never have any food to borrow

harry: I have nothing in my cupboards at the moment.

Tom: dougie is normally well-stocked because he has lizards so he has to have lettice for them, we mostly steal his food.

You're a good-looking bunch. What would you say are your best physical features?

Tom: I like my belly button. I'd rather have mine than yours harry!

Harry: i dont understand- whats wrong with mine?

Danny: can we stop talking about it- I get wierd about belly buttons. They are my phobia.

Harry: I've got a half innie/half outie.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be ?

Danny: Id change my freckles-spread them out a bit so i can get a tan.

Harry: I dont think id change anything really- Im perfect

Danny: Come on, you'd chisel that nose down.

Harry: The problem is, I don't know when to stop. For example: when you start to shave of your pubes, you take a little bit off, then a bit more, but then you end up with none. If i chisle my nose, I'd do the same, I'd take more and more off, and then I'd end up looking like Micheal Jackson.

Er ok! If you weren't in McFly would you audition for the X Factor?

Danny: You probably would see me on the show.

Tom: It's hard to know, because before being in the band, you relly want stuff like that- it's the type of thing that's going to change your life.

Do you thinkg it's good for the music industry to have such shows?

Danny: It's entertainment, but it's been a bit fake. It's about wanting your five minutes of fame.

Harry: Some acts have been really amazing, though- like Leona Lewis

Cheryl Cole has been taking time out of Girls Aloud to be a judge on The X Factor. Would any of you fancy joing Simon Cowell on the show's panel?

Danny: Yeah, i fancy her... Oh sorry i thought that was the question.

Dougie: I fancy her as a judge, she's hot.

Tom: Everytime she comes on its just like. Woah! She is the most perfect-looking woman in the world. It's ridculous.

Danny: It just makes you realise how gorgeous she is.

Dougie: It makes me feel very frustrated!

You didnt acually answer the question there, boys! So, when you see Cheryl , do you all tell her about your frustrations?

Danny: No! I can't talk to her at all- I get all embaressed and run away.

Dougie- All im thinking is: Please don;t let me throw up in front of her.

If Cheryl asked you to do a duet, would you?

Dougie: Hell yeah! That would be awsome.

Tom: We could do a new song.

Harry: Or we could cover Bilinda Carlisle's Heaven Is a Place On Earth.

Danny: Heaven really is a place on earth if you're with Girls Aloud. [ Dougie starts signing the song ]

Tom: We should get on it and do a charity cover together for Children in Need.

So, apart from Cheryl, are there any other celebrities you would like to pull?

Danny: Natalie Portman, Rachel Bilson, Sienna Miller...

Tom: It has always been Katie Holmes for me.

Harry: Probably Colin Farell. He's my gay crush. I'd pull him if I was gay. I just alwaus saw men now- it's funnier.

Are any of you single?

Dougie: Just me.

Harry are you still dating Izzy from Britains got talent finalists Escala?

Harry: Good question! I dunno, it's a bit awkward. Maybe we should just leave that one unanswered for now...

Oops! Tom you've been with your girlfriend Giovanna since before McFly started. Have you even been tempted to have a quickle wedding in Las Vegas like Peaches Geldof?

Tom: Me and dougie were gonna go to Vegas and get married, but then he ditched me for harry.

Dougie: Harry asked me first!

When more of you were single, who was the best at pulling?

Dougie: I used to call harry 'Alfie' because he was pretty epoc back in the days.

Speaking of Harry's legendary pulling skills, are any of you still in contact with Lindsat Lohan? [Harry admitted to spending the night with her]

All: No

Harry what really went on with you and her?

Harry: I dont want to talk about it, sorry

Ok. So what do you think about her and Samantha Ronson?

Danny: Urgh,God!

Dougie: It's awsome

Do you think Lindsay's doing it for publicity?

Dougie: I don't know, but it works for me. Hell yeah!

Danny: Lindsay could have gone for a more attractive girl than samantha though.

Dougie: Ooh bitchy! Poor Samantha.

Danny: Yeah, but you know, when you see lesbian, it's like two blondes, and it's like: Oh yeah!

Dougie: They are a pretty hot lesbain couple.

Tom: I don't think they are doing it to turn you on.

Danny: Thats true

You've been together as a band for 4 years now- are you suprised that you've lasted so long?

Dougie: With chat like that from Danny, i'm suprised.

Danny: I'll just shut up then.

Tom: No, we 100 per cent think our music is amazing- welove the band. We all get on, we're really pleased that other people like it as well. Long may it continue.

Loads of former boybands have got back together recently. Could you ever imagine doing a McFly comeback tour when you're all in your thirties?

Harry: Why would those bands do that? Right, I'm going to upset someone here... Five guys that sing and dance and don't write thier own songs- what satisfaction do they get out of it? They probably don't get on that well, so they're gonna want to break up. Then 10 years later they're gonna think, Lets cash in. It's not like that with us. because we actually plau our sounds and write the music, so why would we break up? Rant over!

We can only assume you're talking about Take That?

Harry: Nice try- but we're not naming names!

But you boys won't be splitting any time soon?

Tom: As long as we continue being friends like we are now. we could go on forever.

If all of it ended one day, would you ever consider going on a reality TV show like Celebrity Big Brother or Strictly Come Dancing?

Tom: No. not unless they offered me a lot of money.

Danny: No, I think Strictly... is a good show, but i can't do that sort of dancing.

Harry: I think maybe if we were older but, at the moment, I'd never put myself out there.

Danny: I couldn't get myself into one of those costumes.

Tom: We're not into being in the public eye like that.

Jade Goody recently found out that she has cervical cancer on the Indian version of Big Brother. Do you think reality TV has gone too far?

Harry: Surely that's rediculous finding out like that.

Dougie: It's a bit freaky.

Tom: She must have given the show permission to do that. She'd had tests and she must have allowed them to reveal the results [on TV]

Harry: Either way, it must have been horrible for her- McFly wish her well and hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Moving on, then. Do you have many funny fan encounters?

Tom: We met a fan yesterday who didn't like Dougie. It was amazing. He was, like, seven years old and he was saying: Tom, you're my hero. Harry, I love you. Danny your great. But i dont like Dougie!

Dougie: He didn't realise i was round the corner, so started chanting with his friends: Who' the worst? Dougie!

Danny: It was brilliant.

Finally Harry you recently said it's crap getting free stuff as a celebrity. Surely you don't really think that...

Harry: Oh no! It's not crap, just a lot of what you get sent is the stuff you don't really want.

Tom: Recently we got given some really cool stuff- like we each got an IPod, which was awesome. But then we got sent another IPod then another one - so now I've got 3 IPods. When you get them it's awesome, but then they sit in your cupboard and end up as presents for people.

Harry: It's not that we don't like it, it's just too much stuff and it clutters up your house.

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