New McFLY Interview in OK Magazine

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New McFLY Interview in OK Magazine

Post by xcutexangelx on Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:03 am

New McFLY Interview in OK Magazine

from the boards

The boys from mcfly are riding high-having split from there label. Island records, they have hit the ground running with thier new album Radio:ACTIVE, and funky hit single lies. Topping the charts with 7 number one hits since 2004 the boys are on a roll and are hurtling towards international stardom. While the foursome whip manu a crowd into a frenzy, the red carpet has been known to send them running in the oppisite direction, far happier with a surf bord tucked under thier arms, or a pint in their local. Taking a moment out from thier hectic shedules we chatted to the gorgeous Harry,Danny,Tom and Dougie about cheesy chat-up lines, schmoozing with simon cowell and Rod stewart and headlining at the olympics...

Harry you started you careers as boys,now you're men, whats it like growing up in the limlight?

It's hard because were a lot buisier than people our age, other people from the age of 16-22 just get to chill and enjoy things a lot more, but then we have lots of other benifits.

So, do you get to have any time off at the moment ?

We've actually justt got back from a 3 day camping trip and we drank far too much. I'm normallt very professional and lively, I promise- but im just so exhausted.

Did you meet any cute girls on your camping trip?

It was lads only. There were nine lads, no ladies.

Our readers would love to know which of you is still single?

Dougie is still single, hes a sly dog when it comes to girls, hes certainly improved over the years!

Whos the biggest ladies man ?

Tom: Danny or harry, but danny is probably worse. They're both a couple of charmers, they're good in social situations.

Dougie, you've left your label- what's it like being your own boss?

It's like being the headmaster of your school. Its actually like being the pupil and the headmaster. It means we can put harry in detention when he's naughty!

Danny: IT's a different stress, because now it's all on us but its great.

Tom: This is probably the best year of our career and we're doing it on our own. Everyone is really supporting us. We're still doing catchy pop tunes, but it's just a real step us in quality. When we went to australia, there was no pressure on us, no realise date and I think thats when we cam up with some of our best stuff.

What was it like making the new album in Australia?

Tom: It was one of the best times of my life. The chicks in australia are the hottest in the world, they're all natural, they're all tannes, they're just absolutely amazing. I was gobsmaked! There was a lot of flesh on show.

The hottest girls in the world ?

Danny: I think they're in brazil myself. We're going there soon, but i do have a girlfried. I like to keep my girlfriend out of the picture, she's a photographer, but this is work, my job is my job and my private life is private.

How does she cope with you getting all this female attention, then?

She just lives with it. She's cool, she doesnt mind. Or thats what she says!

Tom: When a girl gets involved with anyone of us they know the score, they expect it a I suppose its just a test of wheter the relationship can work or not. I've been with her for 5 years a i guess that shows how strong we are.

Whats the silliest thing you've ever been sent by a fan?

Harry: Pretty standard stuff lke bras and knickers. We mainly get nice presents sent to uss, not wierd ones, i get given marmite and i got malt bread once- actually that was pretty wierd! Tom and dougie often get star wars stuff.

Danny: I got sent a monkey dressed as me once. Now that was really quite weird.

Who has left you starstruck?

Harry: Katie Holmes spoke to us at the Dark Night premire and we were at a really small party with hugh drant and simon cowell which was a bit surreal. And then i was watching X factor and i was like : 'That's wierd I was out wiith him the other night'

Danny: Rod stewart was really cool. He gave me his Brietling watch. I was out having dinner with him and some friends and we were talking about Brietling watched and he happened to have one and said i could have it!

Tom: For me it was Green Day when we got our BRIT awards- that was amazing. They even popped open our champagne for us.

You mentioned watching the X Factor? Who is your fave, Cheryl or Danni?

Harry: This is the best bit of the X Factor: I love the audition process. I'd pick Cheryl, I meaan Danni;s hot, but Cheryl is hotter!

Dougie: God, I have to say i haven't switched my TV on in the last couple of months! But that doesn't matter, It's got to be Cheryl!

It must have been an honour to headline at the Olympics handover ceremony...

Harry: It was great signing the winner takes it all. Everyone was like, well done guys, but I just wanted to be one of the athletes, they're the real heroes, I didnt have a gold medal toung my neck and I didnt feel like I'd achieve anything.

Danny: Oh, God I was c***ping myself! It was such an honour, though, to be asked to be part off it and to be playing there right infront of Buckingham Palace. We left on a jet, we had a gig in Carlisle, you really have to pinch yourself when stuff like that happens.

Which one of you is the best dressed?

Harry: Danny and Dougie take the most care. Danny really likes shopping, he has a hundred pairs of shoes and i have one pair, which i just lost! He's got boxes and boxes, he can't contain his want for things. I'm scrooge McDuck! No, thats not true, I've bought a flat and a car.

Danny: That's true, I do love shopping. Lots of shoes.

What's your most cringey red carpeet moment?

Harry: We're always cringing on the red carper ... at ourselves! Every time we step out of the car we cringe. You never know what reaction you're going to get. We want to walk in really quickly, but we don't want to be rude and ignore the paparazzi, not that they use our photos anyway! WE get embarresed when people start looking at us- most people love it , but we think they're saying bad stuff. We think they're pointing because they hate us.

Danny: WE all want to run away and hide - that moment when you step out of the car, you dont know if they're going to scream of what they're going to do. We're just apologetic, wejust feel a bit intimidated.

What had been your most surreal showbiz experience?

Harry: We were supposed to be going down to Alton Towers to do a charity thing with Chris Evans. When we got to his house he'd forgotten about ius and was just taking off in his helicopter, but he landed agin, took us to Alton Towers and we went on the ride Onblivion sbout ten times and then went home is his helecopter! It felt like a very showbiz day, having the wholse place to ourselves.

What has been your best gig ever?

Harry: I love every show we do. I give 150 million percent to every show and I love all of them in different ways. I get shin splints in my legs and it gets really painful, but I just power on through.

What's the best party you've been to?

Tom: We love hous parties, we all live in the same street and so we hang out together a lot- we don't like the wholse clubbing scene and the whole celebrity thing isn't for us

Who is your celebrity crush?

Dougie: Natilie Portman. I think she's quite intelligent , though- I might be a bit stupid for her! I really don't think I'd have a chance with her. I'd have to do a bit of research before sitting down for a chat with her. I'd go study politics and smart things!

Tom, you're the most likely to get married first- would you have a big bash?

I don't really have any celebrity friends, so not really. I think I'd just make sure I had a nice suit on anf I turned up at the right time.

Do you still feel you have a lot to achieve?

We want this album to be our first international album and we want to go back to Australia were we recorded it and promote it.

Do you guys ever get sick of each other?

No, no we bicker, but nothing major. We've been too bust having good times !

She's starin'
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I'm lookin' good and you know it too.
So tell me why should I,
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