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When posting a fiction please include the following information on the first page of the topic to help readers.

Title: Name of fic
Author: Your writing name
Chapters: how many chapters does it contain... leave if unfinished
Rating: The age rate which you would reccommend. [12+, 14+, 16+,...]
Disclaimer: Is there anything that you own in this fic. [I.E. characters...]
Dedications: Written for someone special...? Tell us who
A/N: Authors Note,, warnings and anythings else to be known should be included here.
Pairings [For Slash]: Pones, Fludd, Floynter, Flones, Pudd, Junes, any others...
The band boys/girls: Tell here which (famous) band boy(s)/girl(s) are added in your fiction...
Give us a quick idea of what this fiction is about.

The rules are the same as in every Fiction section on this forum..

Reason why this is made:

People always expect only Slashyness in the Slash section..
Other sections like all ages and 16+ are mostly expected to find Straight stuff..

So i have made this where you can do whatever you like with whoever you like in 1 fiction..
Please make sure that it involves people from a band..

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