The smift of rage.

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The smift of rage.

Post by Randomstezzy on Sat May 10, 2008 7:38 am

Title: Haven't made one yet , just wrote the story 10 minutes ago - but probably the smift of rage.
Author: Steph/Stez
Chapters: 1
Rating: Any age.
Disclaimer: -
Dedications: -
A/N: -
Summary: It's about a girl who goes to thorpe park on her birthday and desperately wants to go on a ride , but it leads to her mother permission.

It was the beginning of Summer holidays and Katie desperately wanted to go Thorpe park after seeing all those amazing adverts – So she did – but with her mother and her best friend lizzie. .

GAAH ….. SWEEEET! …. – Katie paused to see the entrance it had.

The entrance was colourful and I just knew it was full of surprises; amazing rides and adventurous children like me – It was electric! I mean, All I could hear were screams of scared teenagers who fought the amazing ride it was called the “smift of rage” which had an outburst of yellow and purple cheetah spots which I thought showed the speed, it had a tint of red in the middle and penny gold wheels, I mean it was the ultimate ride I was waiting for!.

I could hear the rides going down, the obsessed men who loved arcades; the coins dropping down each time I looked there and machines being banged on to be turned on. I could hear babies crying and swings flying; golf balls shooting and men shouting. I could smell the fresh ice cream, donuts and the fizzy pink candy floss – which looked nice a sparkly and sugary.
Testing the waters
Testing the waters

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