Happy Newyear..!!

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Happy Newyear..!!

Post by xcutexangelx on Sun Jan 13, 2008 8:48 am

Title: Happy Newyear..!!
Author: Joyce
Chapters: Standalone
Rating: 16+ i guess
Disclaimer: Thought off this like end 2006
Dedications: For anyone the the new year..
A/N: Sex

Pairings [For Slash]: It's not really a pairing.. Just a friends thing..
Summary: It's about a sleepover..

Happy Newyear..!!
(Dougies P.O.V.)

It was newyears eve.. My mates Chloe and Megan have asked me and Danny to join them at their sleep over.. We both think that they are hot,, so we agreed to it.. They had loadsa alcohol in their room and some good music.. The girls were as random as usual and Danny had joined them.. I just sat there a bit,, drinking loadsa alcohol.. It feels a bit for me like the fun havenít started yet,, but the girls were having fun in their own ways.. At least,, it looks like it.. There were quite a few empty bottles at the floor.. Danny was pretty far away.. I could notice it by the way he acts.. I didnít really notice anything at the girls,, but they had drank a lot allready..
Megan: Ok,, iím getting a bit bored.. Lets do something..
Chloe: Yeah.. Maybe spin the bottle..?? We have enough bottles to use here..
Megan: Good idea.. Iím in.. What about you guys..
Danny: Iím always in for fun..
Megan: What about you,, Dougie..??
Chloe: LOL.. No answer from him..
Megan: Hey..!! Earth to Dougie..!!
She threw a pillow..
Dougie: Huh,, W-wa..??
Chloe: Wanna play spin the bottle with us..??
Dougie: Yeah,, sure..
We all sat down in a circle with a beerbottle in the middle..
Megan: Who wants to start 1st..??
Chloe: Lets start with Dougie,, before he travels back to his own world..
The girls laughed.. I grabbed the bottle and gave it a spin.. Hoping it would be one off the girls.. The bottle stopped spinning and it pointed to Chloe.. We both got on our knees and leaned towards eachother for a kiss.. Now it was her turn to spin the bottle..
Megan: This is boring.. I wanna add some tongues in this game..
Chloe: Yeah.. Could have been my idea..
She spinned the bottle.. It pointed to me..
Megan: Have another turn..
She spinned it again.. It pointed to Danny.. They snogged.. Now it was Dannyís turn and it pointed to Megan.. They snogged and she let out a giggle when they were finished.. I got another beer and took a sip out off the bottle.. She spinned the bottle.. It pointed to Chloe..
Megan: Oooh.. Weíre lucky..
Chloe smiled at her.. They got close to eachother and snogged.. There came no end to it.. My jaw dropped when the girls went under eachothers shirts.. I looked at Danny.. He had a huge grin on his face..
Danny: Dude,, this game is getting better and better..
Chloe got Megan out off her shirt.. We all noticed that she wasnít wearing a bra.. Megan helped Chloe out off her shirt and bra.. They kept undressing eachother in front off us till they were both naked.. I felt something growing in my pants.. It was kinda exciting to see them like that.. There was no doubt that they had the same effect on Danny.. Chloe began to lick and suck Meganís nipples.. She leaned back a bit and bit her lip.. She let out a little moan..Chloe kissed down her body and licked her around her clit..
Megan: Please go on babe.. I want more..
Chloe stuck her fingers in her mouth to make them wet.. She started circling with her fingers over her clit and stuck it in her pussy a few times.. She got closer with her mouth.. Megan opened her legs a bit more.. We watched how Chloe was teasing her with her tongue.. The girls kept playing with eachother in front off us.. Leaving us with a massive boner.. The girl let eachother come at least one time,, before they suggested us to join them.. They didnít have to say that twice.. Danny and i almost ripped our clothes off.. Danny grabbed Chloe and snogged her for a while.. I did the same with Megan.. Megan pushed me on my back and kissed down my body.. She grabbed my dick and began to suck it.. There went all kinda things through my mind.. She began to deepthroat me.. I let out a moan and helped her a bit with the rythm.. We all stopped when we heard a knock on the door.. We all just held our breaths..
Chloe: What is it..??
Chloeís mom: Are you guys gonna stay here all night or what..??
Chloe: Yeah.. Weíll come downstairs when we need something..
Chloeís mom: Ok,, hun..
We waited till we were sure that the coast was clear.. We all laughed a bit nervously..
Danny: That was a close one..
Dougie: Yeah..
The girls didnít pay attention anymore and began to tease us for a bit.. The girls looked at eachother and smiled..
Chloe: Weíll go on if you guys kiss,, touch and suck eachother..
I was a bit shocked by the news,, but things were getting so hot that i didnít care anymore.. Danny kissed me.. It felt so wrong,, but also very nice.. We touched eachother as the girls watched us.. Danny began to kiss me down my body and sucked my dick.. It felt just perfect.. I let out a moan.. He stopped before i was about to come.. Now it was my turn.. I began to suck his hard dick.. I noticed that he enjoyed it..
Megan: Ok guys,, now itís our turn again..
We stopped.. Megan went to Danny and he began to fuck her against the wall.. Chloe pushed me on bed and got on top off me.. I loved it how she took control.. After a while we heard people downstairs counting down the last seconds to our new year.. It was a bit hard to hear between all our moanings.. I took Chloe in a different position as i was about to come.. I let out my last moan as i shot my load in her.. The fireworks began outside.. I tried to catch my breath and so did Chloe.. Danny was still busy with Megan,, but came not much later.. They catched their breaths..
Danny: Dude,, that was the best way ever to close our year..
Chloe: Too bad that you guys are all tired,, i would like a bit more..
Megan: Iíll help ya with that..
Chloe: Oh yeah.. Thereís no better way to start our new year..
Megan: I totally agree to that one..
She began to kiss Chloe..
Megan: Happy newyear babe..
She began to kiss her down her body and the girls started all over till they both had come..
At the end we were all so tired to even go outside.. We were still all naked.. Megan climbed on my lap and began to kiss me..
Megan: This is the best sleepover ever.. You should come around more often..
Dougie: Thereís no doubt that we will..
I kissed her back.. Chloe and Danny fell asleep against eachother.. Megan fell asleep in my arms.. I gave her a kiss on her cheeck and decided to get some sleep too..

The End..

She's starin'
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