McFly Harry Injured. [blog from Harry]

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McFly Harry Injured. [blog from Harry]

Post by Critical Acclaim on Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:39 am

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Hi everyone,

You may of heard already but for those of you who havenít.......Iím injured!!!!! Its called chronic compartment syndrome and the muscle has herniated.....nice! I may have to have a small operation after the marathon, nothing serious! Its so annoying because iíve trained so hard but at the end of the day ITS ALL ABOUT THE 2 CHARITIES that iím running for. The fundraising is going so well and iím definately still taking part this sunday. So for those of you coming to support iíll still be there i just might be going a bit slower then first planned!

Its your last chance to sponsor this week so if you havenít already (then WHY NOT!!!!) then please go on the website (should be harrywalksthemarathon!) and make a donation. Even if its just a small one it makes such a difference. Iíve seen that some of you have even sponsored twice so thanks!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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